4438_the-oeresund-bridge_henrik-stenbergWe are a tour guiding business that specialises in walks in Copenhagen and Malmö based on the television series The Killing, Borgen, The Bridge.

The name Nordic Noir refers to the dark crime fiction genre, also known as Scandinoir or Scandicrime. These bleak, slowly developing and character-focused tv series are exactly what the Nordic countries do best. Now this unique genre has gained a worldwide fan base.

Nordic Noir Tours was founded in the spring of 2014 by Dieuwertje Visser. In July 2016, Nordic Noir Tours was integrated into www.nordic-insite.com , as one of many tours and services offered by our incoming agency.

Nordic Noir tours is now managed by Christine Bordin, founder of NORDIC INSITE.

Thanks must go to Lise Lotte Frederiksen, the original creator of these tours and to Dieuwertje, without whom Nordic Noir Tours would not have existed.

Many thanks also to all the visitors, contributors and Scandifans that regularly send their comments, pictures and articles to share our fandom around the Nordic Noir series.

Post-CORONA note: we are still here 🙂 Page updated: 01.07.2021