clr_3899-2The dark side of Copenhagen

On this tour you will see locations used in The Killing and The Bridge, hear stories about the TV series and how Copenhagen has been used as a backdrop to crime.

You will see some dark corners you would normally not find on your own. You will hear the story behind the famous Faroese jumper and we will tell you about Danish/Swedish stereotypes. Please keep in mind that the tour does not take you near, on or over the bridge to Malmö.

Practical Information

Every Saturday at 4pm The Killing/The Bridge combined tour starts from Vesterport Station. For tours on other days please see Private Tours.

Price150 dkk p.p.
Get a 50 dkk discount and pay only 100 dkk p.p. by reserving a spot before Thursday 2 pm. Use our contact form or write us an e-mail with your name, number of guests and which tour you would like to join. Payment is on the tour in cash, please. Your guide will give you a receipt.