During our tours, we make references to many other Nordic Noir films, TV-series and sometimes novels. If they take place in Copenhagen, we show the locations.

If you can’t get your appetite for Nordic Noir genre satisfied, here are some suggestions (after you have of course seen Wallander (2015-2013, SWE) and Stieg Larsson’s Millennium (2010, SWE))

Please find my very subjective list:

The Chesnut Man (2021, Kastanjemanden, DK)

Set in the quiet suburb of Copenhagen, where the police make a terrible discovery one blustery October morning. A young woman is found brutally murdered in a playground and one of her hands is missing. Above her hangs a small man made of chestnuts. 

The book has been written by Søren Svejstrup, who wrote the scenario of The Killing. 

Absolutely unbeatable, brilliant acting and unpredictable! 

Deadwind (2018, Karppi, FI) 

Just months after a tragic loss, detective Sofia Karppi investigates the murder of a woman with ties to a Helsinki construction company. Intelligent, well acted, and absorbing.

Midnight Sun (2016, Midnattssol / Jour Polaire, FR / SWE)

In this French-Swedish co-production, a homicide investor travels to Sweden to investigate a French national’s helicopter-assisted decapitation. 

The midnight sun can be as oppressive as the darkness… and Leïla Bekhti is unbelievable!

Trapped (2015, Ófærð, ISL)

A murderer on the loose in a little Islandic village and a snow storm as main characters.

Brilliant performance Ólafur Darri Ólafsson as the chief of local police and Bjarne Henriksen (Theis Birke Larsen in The Killing) as a shady captain.

Blue Eyes (2014, Blå Ögon, SWE)

Taking place in Stockholm on the backdrop of the political campaign of a xenophobic party and the violent actions of an extreme right group.

The Guardian: ‘It’s as claustrophobic as Homeland and as tightly wound as The Wire – but in today’s climate, with the refugee crisis and the rise in nationalist’.

Adam Reier Lundgren as the terrifying psychopath Mattias.

Thicker Than Water (2014, Tjockare än vatten, SWE)

A mother who owns a family hotel with one of her sons commits suicide. She leaves one summer to the 3 alienated siblings to run the place together. If profit is being made at the end of the season, they will be able to share the inheritance – otherwise the family fortune will be donated. Old family quarrels are drawn into the plot.

Takes place on the beautiful islands of Åland (between Sweden and Finland).

Follow the Money (2016, Bedrag, DK)

Financial crime thriller set in the renewable energy business in Denmark. Throw into the mix a young car thief and an ambitious lawyer and the seeds are set for a complicated tale of financial fraud, corporate corruption and dissolution of a family.

Scenes shot in Vesterbro. The season 3 is mind blowing! 

The Team (2015, produced by AUT, BEL, DEU, DK, CHE)

The series follows a number of national police agencies, working through the framework of EUROPOL, to attempt to solve a series of cross-border murders. Among others, the team is primarily headed by Danish homicide detective Harold Bjørn (Lars Mikkelsen), Belgian homicide detective Alicia Verbeek (Veerle Baetens), and German Federal Criminal Police superintendent Jackie Müller (Jasmin Gerat).

Scenes shot in Vesterbro.

Modus (2015, SWE)

The investigation begins with a heinous killing spree over the course of Christmastime. Inger Johanne Vik is a criminal psychologist and profiler who must balance her personal life by taking care of her autistic daughter Stina. However, when Stina witnesses one of the slayings, Vik is drawn even deeper into the chilling case as she uncovers an insidious connection to a fundamentalist European network of villains.

Other series worthy of attention:

–          Unit One (2001-2004, DK)

–          Lava Fields (2014, ISL)

–          The Protectors (2009-2010, DK) – same locations as Borgen and The Killing!!!

–          Arne Dahl (2011, SWE)
For more Nordic Noir, keep an eye on my friends’ Claire and Alex They give an extensive overview of nordic productions and provide a place where we can make connections and meet like-minded people, discover and discuss the things we love, and give a platform for promoting Nordic culture to the world!